Balneario Castilla Termal Burgo de Osma

Planning a vacation , or a getaway as was our case, is very easy when you have a place that is worth visiting. The Hotel Castilla Termal Burgo de Osma is without a doubt. Also, if you are located in a villa as spectacular and full of charms as El Burgo de Osma, even better. So, go ahead to say that … we will be back!

The arrival

As you can make your check-in or entry from 3 pm, we decided to start our thermal adventure as soon as possible. We arrive at our desired destination and plateresque façade of the old University of Santa Catalina welcomes us.

 Plateresque façade of the old University of Santa Catalina
Plateresque façade of the old University of Santa Catalina

Things look great. We went to the reception and the first impression is unbeatable. This historic Renaissance building built in the sixteenth century has a large courtyard that catches our attention.


It is impressive to know that university disciplines such as Law, History, Literature, etc. were taught here for centuries. Today the cloister offers a warm welcome with a large relaxation area composed of comfortable sofas with tables around the gallery and cafeteria on its left side. But we continue, then we will return to go through it in depth.

Relaxation Area
Relaxation Area
Cloister with relaxation area


Rural Houses el Paraiso
Rural Houses el Paraiso



We already have a beautiful room assigned and our bathrobes, slippers and hats await us to start enjoying the mineral-medicinal properties of the waters of the Santa Catalina Spring .

Room castilla termal burgo de osma

As there is still a colleague from our team to join the expedition, we take advantage of the wait by choosing some decontracting massages from their extensive massage menu to relax and disconnect from the routine.

Thermal castilla relaxation room
Relaxation room

Did you know that each Hotel Castilla Termal has a special massage of the house that characterizes it? Here it is called Shuka, with Tibetan bowls, aromas and essences, on our next visit we will taste it.We go to the relaxation room with a changing lighting ideal for it and wait for a few moments to be called. In just over half an hour our masseuses leave us as new. We have been in comfortable individual rooms, with comfortable stretchers, ideal temperature and relaxing music that complements the virtuosity of the hands of the professionals who have assigned us. We leave almost floating and with the batteries charged to go to the water, our partner has arrived, the thermal pool awaits us.

Thermal pool

Located under the courtyard of the building, it connects with it a double dome that allows daylight to reach its waters. This detail together with the dim lighting and music make us begin to enter a pleasant state of relaxation. We follow the established rules and for hygiene we shower before the dive. 

We love the temperature , it is between 32 and 34 degrees, and its maximum depth does not reach 1 meter and a half so it is very easy to travel between the different areas that compose it. We were fascinated by the multitude of sectors to choose from, we did not know that the different ways of propelling water and combining it with air can have so many and so beneficial effects! And it is that in this pool there is not a place of the body in which it has not been thought: ankles, calves, abdomen, neck …


We also find bubbles, jets, waterfalls … We can stand, sit, pleasantly lying…

Balneario Castilla Termal Burgo de Osma

If you are more curious it is time for you to click here so that you soak up and never better said all the details. We left the pool with a pleasant feeling of bodily weightlessness. eye! As a curiosity we tell you that it is not advisable to shower after leaving, we have to let the properties of the hot springs make their effect on our body.


Heading to the restaurant castilla termal
Heading to the restaurant

With the impression that time stops there, we prepare for dinner. It is already dusk when we return to the cloister and the different details of the lighting give it a magical and different look.


We go through the galleries, photograph, discover a flirtatious library that helps us to know the province better and finally we go to the Argaela Restaurant. Composed of different rooms, we see that here also the decoration is taken care of in detail.

Restaurant Argaela
Restaurant Argaela de Castilla Termal

Given the variety of dishes on the menu we let ourselves be advised by our friendly waiters.

The Charter
The Menu of Castilla Termal

It is important to know that special interest is placed on seasonal products, as well as those of the area and kilometer 0, very much in line with its environmentally friendly policy. Finally we opted to share a puff pastry, boletus and pickled foie gras plus seasonal vegetables with romesco sauce. As main courses we choose Bluefin Tuna Tartare, Beef Tenderloin with Truffle Parmentier and Grilled Octopus Pata. I think it goes without saying, with the pintaza that the dishes have, that they were incredible.

To drink they recommend Converso, the exclusive red wine of the Castilla Thermal Hotels, of limited production and that is only possible to taste and buy in this chain. We are not great experts, but we find it very soft on the palate. If it piques your interest, expand your information about its attributes here .

Armando with bottle of wine "Converso"
Armando with bottle of wine "Converso" in Castilla Termal

We finished with three "sweet moments" composed of cheesecake, white chocolate and pink pepper, drunken strawberries with rooibos and signature ice cream with tiles and almond cigarettes. With this last dessert you will have to test your palate, it is not worth asking what ice cream is, you have to guess it …

El Burgo de Osma at night.

Calle Mayor el Burgo de Osma
Main Street

After such a magnificent feast we put the culmination of the day with a walk through the streets of the municipality. It is not necessary to travel by car, El Burgo is not very big and the situation of the hotel is central. Immediately we arrive at the Plaza Mayor, we walk along the Calle Mayor with its characteristic arcades and before arriving at the Cathedral of the Assumption, next to the Episcopal Palace, we discover Calle del Caracol at the suggestion of one of our waitresses.

Calle del Caracol el Burgo de Osma
Caracol Street

It's a nice surprise, we had never noticed it. We end up admiring the cathedral with that special magic that the night gives it and we approach the Ucero River after passing the wall through the Puerta de San Miguel.

Puerta de San Miguel El Burgo de Osma
St. Michael's Gate

Buffet breakfast.

If there's one thing we like, besides eating well, it's meeting new people. Breakfast time is a great time.

Buffet Breakfast

While we chose among the immense variety of foods with which to load our tray, we talked to locals, Catalans and even heard French accents, although we did not dare to practice. As for tastes the colors, for breakfasts the flavors: sweet, salty, cold, hot, fruit, traditional food, detox juices and a wide etcetera that is better explained with the photos that we attach. You know that a picture is worth a thousand words and for this case it is totally true.

Circuit of contrasts.

Before putting point to our stay, we reserve time to enjoy the Circuit of contrasts. We do not want to leave without knowing the jewel of the spa set in the chapel of San Baudelio.

Circuit set in San Baudelio
Circuit set in San Baudelio

For those who do not know it, it is a small Mozarabic hermitage located in the town of Casillas de Berlanga, with an almost unique style in the province and in Spain.

San Baudelio in Casillas de Berlanga (the inspiration of the spa)
San Baudelio in Casillas de Berlanga (the inspiration of the spa)

The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and is led by a guide who explains the different sections, what to do and the properties of each of them.

Circuit of contrasts
Circuit of contrasts

We were delighted, not only by the sauna, the foot bath, the pools of different temperatures and the relaxing experience, but because our guide explained many curiosities about the real building, its history and many other details that only become known when you put passion in your work and this was the case.

Eco-friendly policy

Here ends for the moment our getaway in this spa, but we do not want to leave without raising the commitment to the environment that this hotel chain has. We had already informed ourselves before leaving, but we could see that the sustainability of the planet is one of their concerns. Among other measures, soap and shampoo dispensers have been introduced instead of maintaining plastic containers.

Eco-friendly dispensers
Eco-friendly dispensers

The amenities, or hotel welcome products such as toothbrushes or combs, have become bamboo and we do not observe during breakfast or in the water vending machines the glasses, straws and plastic spoons, all replaced by paper.

Eco-friendly amenities

As for water, there is no waste since it is used from its own catchment almost 600 meters deep and grey water is also recycled. On the other hand, as we have already mentioned, priority is given to the products of the area with whichCO2 emissions are reduced and contributes to the development of the local economy. Surely there are many more performances and although we do not appreciate them we can find out in this link.

An end of height…

Before saying goodbye to the Episcopal Villa we decided to do some local tourism. As we already know the Cathedral of the Assumption, the Hospital of San Agustín and the Plaza Mayor, we opted to see the town from the heights going up to the Islamic Watchtower of Uxama.

Islamic watchtower Burgo de Osma
Islamic Watchtower

Before reaching the top of Alto del Castro where it is located, we make a stop along the way to visit the small archaeological classroom of Uxama Argaela and later the remains of a Roman cistern (to which you can go down) and the small excavations of Roman houses that are on the hillside. Already up, incredible views. Also, you can access the top of the building as a Muslim lookout within the opening hours of the classroom.

Views from above of the watchtower burgo de osma
Views from above the watchtower

At our feet are Osma, El Burgo, its castle and we can see in the distance two other watchtowers and the caliphal fortress of Gormaz, the largest in Europe. A height finish for 24 hours of luxury.



  • To Maite, deputy director of the complex, for her warm welcome and also farewell.
  • To Paula, assistant director, for showing us the different facilities, updating us on the operation of the hotel, allowing us to take photos to show you and her kindness.
  • To Armando and Rocío, our waiters at dinner, for their recommendations and sympathy allowing themselves to be photographed by us.
  • To Marta, waitress at breakfast who made us not miss anything either.
  • To Cristina, receptionist of the spa area for her smile and to Denu and Cristina, our masseuses.
  • To Carlos, for guiding us and teaching us the circuit of contrasts with passion and dedication and for the photos taken.
  • To all the staff of the Hotel Castilla Termal Burgo de Osma for their respectful, friendly and close treatment, taking care of even the smallest detail.
Welcome detail castilla termal
Welcome gift

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