Soria, town by village: Cuevas de Ayllón

Cuevas de Ayllón is a small town, hamlet of Montejo de Tiermes, located in the southwest of the province of Soria. It is settled on a sandstone rock, at 1046 m altitude and on the left bank of the Pedro River, a tributary of the Douro.

It offers visitors an attractive environment full of rustic paths in the middle of nature, in which to enter and find a large amount of wildlife (roe deer, wild boar, foxes, vultures, etc.), as well as very different types of trees (oaks, oaks, poplars, poplars, walnut trees …) and a great variety of landscapes.

Along the route of the river there are pre-Roman remains such as the cave paintings of the place of El Hoyo or a fort located already in the adjoining term of Ligos, above the so-called Cueva de la Mora. Not surprisingly, about 14 kilometers away are the remains of the Celtiberian city of Termancia.

You are invited and we hope you like it and enjoy the visit to our small town!

Many thanks to Olga. To know a little more about this town we leave you this link of Cuevas de Ayllón.

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