Magic Forest Fuente del Pino

A magical place in San Leonardo, the ideal tourism for children and not so little ones. Did you know that there is an enchanted forest inhabited by fantastic beings? This time we are going to propose a magical and fairytale destination that will delight the little ones and also the oldest… the Magic Forest Fuente del Pino.

We will head towards the town of San Leonardo de Yagüe, specifically to the Fuente del Pino. We will take the N-234 road towards Soria and at the exit of the town, after having passed the Pilar Restaurant, we will take the detour to the right. From there it is perfectly signposted until you reach the parking lot of the Forest.

We park the car and that's it! You just have to follow the route. It's not so much the distance as how entertaining it is. The visit can last around 1h 30min.

There are so many details to see….!

They are usually in the trees taking advantage of curious formations or holes, but do not get confused you should look both at the heights and towards the ground, because they also take advantage of the branches of the pines, stones and moss to make swings, suspension bridges, dens …

You can also see that some of these residents are working, sleeping or have gone out to look for mushrooms, among many other chores. We ask you please not to disturb them, just find them, admire them and enjoy them, but respect their constructions and their daily routine, so that the rest of the people who come after you can also spend another pleasant time in this fantasy world.

It is quite likely that you will not find absolutely all the mysteries of this town since there are more and more. Legend has it that it all began with a few houses that a neighbor of the town built and that now more and more people participate in the secret of its growth, reaching more than thirty beings registered. Do you dare to discover them?

Villa Harmony

This place of the Fuente del Pino has, in addition to the fountain, grills and tables to eat, which makes it an ideal place to have a snack after the adventure.

We attach a brochure provided by the tourist office of the town

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