Great experience in canoes on the Douro

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On this occasion we want to share with you the great experience in canoes on the Douro, an incredible day that we spent in DouroNatura Vildé, a leisure centre in the vicinity of the village of Vildé (next to the Douro River). In it we were able to make two routes sailing on the river with canoes, we fished for trout in the farm, we made a barbecue and we browsed its small farm with a variety of peculiar animals.

We recommend that during the summer you book in advance as it is one of the top activities of the season. Reservations

South face of Gormaz Castle

We anticipate that on this day there are two great protagonists, the activities of DueroNatura and the incredible Castle of Gormaz.


We really want to take advantage of the day, and now that good weather abounds and sunsets are late we have decided to leave home around 9.30 since we have met at 10 in El Burgo de Osma to buy some things that we will need for the barbecue that we will do to eat.


The company has informed us that they provide us with firewood and utensils. We have contracted the fishing activity so we have one trout per diner. All that remains is to buy bread, drinks, snacks and dessert.

By the way, if you go with plenty of time, take a walk through the old town of El Burgo de Osma and go up to the Castle of Osma, a wonder both.

At 10:30 we met Maria and Jaime, two of the owners of the center. They are waiting for us there to show us a little about the farm and give us some previous notions before embarking on the canoe adventure.


Vest and shovels in hand we headed to the jetty. In order to show you this incredible activity in which we will cross a beautiful canyon full of vultures, herons and other birds we take some watertight boats (float) that the company provides us to store the mobiles and keys to prevent them from getting wet while paddling or joking about getting wet. As a recommendation, take a bottle of water, the sun is very treacherous and you will be sailing for about 2 hours.

Canyon that we cross by canoe through the Douro

After the first few minutes of confusion (we had never rowed) we caught the hang of it and started the easy route that is downstream. About 1.5km the river is interrupted by a dam so the water is very calm and it is very easy to navigate. This stretch of the river is ideal if it is the first time you ride or if you come with children.

It may not take as long as 2 hours to travel if you dedicate yourself to paddling all the time, but the canyon is so beautiful that you will surely be very distracted by the birds and photos. Ah! And the Zen minute is obligatory in which no one speaks but nature.

But the most incredible moment is taken by the beautiful Castle of Gormaz. Once the canyon is finished, the views gain amplitude and suddenly this impressive construction appears on the southern horizon. Stunned to see it for the first time from the middle of the Douro River, we can only fight with the current in search of the fotaza. Very fun trying to square the photographed canoe with the executor of the photo, hahaha.

North face of Gormaz Castle

Finally we reach the red buoys that indicate the end of the journey and return to the farm upstream where they are already waiting for us with the fishing rods.


Well, here we have also been caught quite novices … hahaha. They teach us how to put the bait and we go to the laguito with the hope of being able to taste those delicious trout of which we have been told so much.

Trout fishing lake

A very pleasant time in the shade of the poplars listening to the flow of water and watching the little fish swim.

Fortunately, one of the team is lucky and gets us the viands that we will grill while we set up the table and observe the turkeys, goats, rabbits, chickens and chicks that give so much joy in the enclosure.

Information about: the Barbecues and fishing

Barbecued trout


We liked this morning's route so much that we could not leave without walking the other side of the riverbed, we have been promised other incredible views of Gormaz Castle from the other side (the river makes just a meander that surrounds the castle).


This section requires a little more effort since as soon as you start there is a small fast that you have to take with a cart so that it does not take you back the current. Some passed more easily than others, but if you are persistent you get it (and if not it will always be down from the canoe since the water covers only up to your knees in that piece, pass and get back on).

When we finished surrounding the meander there was waiting for us the imposing caliphal fortress with the impressive double horseshoe arch and accompanied by the Romanesque hermitage of San Miguel. At this point we did not know whether to return or reach the end of the route to the Roman bridge.

DouroNatura Vildé

Curiosity can and… Tachán!

Roman Bridge

It is starting to sunset and we are dying to see one of those incredible sunsets from the castle of Gormaz so we make a quick turn down the river without stopping.


For all the Sorianos are known the impressive sunsets from the great caliphal fortress of Gormaz. It's a magical moment, hard to describe. We climb the promenade and the battlements of the part of the fortress where the views over the plateau leave us stunned and make us feel the "Lords of the Douro". We love to watch the sunset from the north to watch as the sun reddens the long and jagged wall.

Paseo de ronda del alcázar

The last ray of sunshine arrives and for a few minutes the sky remains red. We resisted leaving but… A great "breeze" warns us that it is time to leave.

Sunset at Gormaz Castle

We hope you enjoyed taking ideas from our experience and then we leave you some more tips from the area so you can organize your trip better if you plan to stay in these parts.

Many thanks to Maria, Jaime Percy and Isabel for setting up this great paradise on the banks of the Douro River, surely we repeat


See you in Soria!

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