The Toba of Fuentetoba

It is a real jewel just 5km from Soria and that goes unnoticed by its ignorance, but the truth is that it is very easy to reach it and the show is assured if you visit it in the rainy season, we talk about the tuff of Fuentetoba.

Before you take a possible disappointment, tell you that it is not a waterfall that carries water all year round but from mid-autumn to spring it is more than likely that you will find it so beautiful.

Front view of the main waterfall of La Toba
Front view of the main waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is located in the new residential area of the town of Fuentetoba, at the foot of the famous Pico Frentes that indicates to the Sorianos the proximity to the capital. Google Maps has it well marked so we recommend that you guide yourself with it to get there. There is plenty of parking area and you only have to walk about 50 meters.

Investigate the environment a little before reaching it because there are corners like this in which to confirm how crystalline the water is.

Small waterfalls in the Toba
Small waterfalls

A wonder to visit in autumn, the picture is the most spectacular. It seems a magical place waiting for your visit with the best of its finery.

Stream through which the waters of the Toba cross
Stream through which the waters of the Toba cross

Enjoy nature, it is the best gift of life. It brightens the eye, relaxes the mind, improves breathing and most importantly, brings families and friends together.

The Toba of Fuentetoba
The Toba of Fuentetoba

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