Sorian forests: the 9 you should not miss!

On this occasion we are going to present you a varied list of curious Sorianos forests to visit. There are many more pine forests, beech forests and wooded masses that surround us and deserve to be named. At the moment we start with these 9 :

Magical Forest of San Leonardo de Yagüe.

Magic Forest
Magic Forest

We will head towards the aforementioned town of San Leonardo de Yagüe, specifically to the Fuente del Pino. The peculiarity that occurs in our first recommendation is that this environment is inhabited by fantastic creatures. Every day it is more frequented by children and adults in search of fairies, gnomes, goblins … There is a detailed census so you can look for all the surprises that await you there.

Sabinar de Calatañazor.

Sabina de Calatañazor. Sorian forests
Sabina de Calatañazor

It is a nature reserve located in the municipality of Calatañazor, in the place known as Dehesa del Carrillo. It is located a short distance from the Natural Monument of La Fuentona. Some junipers exceed 15 meters in height and 3m in diameter. We are facing the densest juniper in Europe. This is due to the characteristics of the soil and the use given to this natural space, being a pasture place for livestock. We have specimens that are more than 400 years old. Perhaps one of the forests of Soria most appreciated at the biological level for its uniqueness.

Hayedo del Hornillo

Sorian forests
Beech forest of Hornillo. Photo: María Escribano Sanz

This great beech forest is located in the municipality of Covaleda. You can reach it by car, however we recommend you leave the vehicle before and enjoy nature which is what you are surely looking for. From Bocalprado you have about 4.5km until you reach a fork, one takes you up, to the Urbión and the other goes down to the Hornillo river where this wonder of place begins, another wonder of the Soriano forests.

Acebal de Garagüeta

Holly of Garagüeta. Sorian forests
Acebal de Garagüeta

The largest holly tree in Europe!
With more than 400 hectares to enjoy, the Acebal de Garagüeta is an authentic luxury to spend a good day surrounded by nature.

It is believed that the origin of the Garagüeta holly tree is natural, coming from the degradation of oak and beech forests, in which holly appeared as accompanying vegetation. Of these forests there are relatively extensive spots near the holly.

It has been declared a Nature Reserve. Holly is a protected species (Decree 341/1991, of 28 November on the protection of holly in the territory of the Community of Castilla y León). Therefore you can not cut or catch bouquets. Only controlled pruning is allowed with the permission and supervision of the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Castilla y León.

Black Lagoon Forest.

Impossible pines on the rock
Impossible pines on the rock

To make the most of this site we suggest that on your ascent to the lagoon you leave the car in the Paso de la Serrá. There are 2 kilometers of pleasant walk through this glacial valley. You can walk up the road, but the charm lies in doing it along the path that runs parallel to it. It is about mixing with the vegetation, the branches, crossing the stream and playing to find pines with impossible shapes.

Pinar de Duruelo de la Sierra.

Pinar going up to Castroviejo
Pinar going up to Castroviejo

It is on our way to the place of Castroviejo where these pines attract our attention. Tall, slender, perfectly straight. The variation of colors in their trunks, brown below and golden from half upwards makes us stop to photograph them. So stay tuned before reaching the main rock formations in the area.

Holm oak grove in Valderromán.

Holm oak grove in Valderromán. Sorian forests
Holm oak grove of Valderromán

This time we are going to the south of the province. Here we find another beautiful mass of holm oaks or holm oaks. The greatest attraction is in a copy of enormous dimensions. It is not the only large one, but this one in particular has a trunk diameter of more than 5 meters. With about 17 meters high and more than 800 years of life, it came to project more than 300 m2 of shadow. Unfortunately, a snowfall broke one of its large branches last year. Even so, the trip is worth it.

Beech forest of El Royo.

beech forest of Royo. Sorian forests
Beech forest of Royo

To put a different touch of color to our article, we could not miss a beech forest. We go to the region of El Valle, to the municipality of El Royo. Although it is spectacular throughout the year, we decided to visit it in autumn. The ochre tones of its deciduous leaves put a golden culmination to our list of forests to visit.

Beech and pine forests of Moncayo

Hayedo de Canalejas
Hayedo de Canalejas

In the municipality of Ágreda find two of the two most wooded and leafy beech forests in Moncayo, with beech trees of great longevity and height. The two are worth knowing and Scooch. These beech forests are:

  • Beech forest of Las Canalejas.
  • Beech forest of La Hoyada.

The beech forest of La Hoyada had been impassable for a long time, but an old road has been reopened, which reached the Neveros del Moncayo. This old route has been recovered and was inaugurated on May 1, 2018 with the name: "La Senda de los Neveros de la Hoyada del Moncayo",

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