Numancia and new Playmobil diorama

Very good morning lovers of Soria, today we write to communicate an excellent plan for this weekend, and very close to Numancia.


On Friday, April 5, Garray premieres a new Playmovil diorama based on the Gallic Wars. Surely it is an excellent reconstruction because some time ago we had another one with the theme of Numantia. We attach some photos of the previous exhibition (the new one is still a mystery)

Roman Army
Numantine people
Roman constructions

Very elaborate right? Surely they surprise us with the new diorama.


The celebration of a new day of historical reconstruction of next April 7 at the site is postponed by the storm, but do not worry, soon they will give us the new date and you will have occasion to see how the A. C. C. Tierraquemada will bring life back to the streets, houses and corners of Numancia.
July 21 and September 22 are scheduled to also come alive again from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The last years it is having a great influx so we advise you to book your ticket in advance. We leave you the contact so you can get your tickets.


Even if you do not have the opportunity to see it represented you can relive it in your mind with the excellent explanations of the guides, so visiting Numantia is still a great plan.

We hope you enjoy your stay in our lands and that you include in your holidays both the visit to the Archaeological Classroom of Garray and a walk through history at the Numancia site.

Greetings from the Soria team is fashionable.

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