Welcome to the Soria store is fashionable where you can find all our products and continue helping us to continue with the project.

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Soria store is fashionable
Soria store is fashionable

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We are as we are and we are what you see. We are pleased to announce that we have finally established ourselves as a company. With great enthusiasm we are going to take this project that was born by the great affection we have for this land and that is always in our hearts.

What do we offer? At the moment we started offering community manager services for all companies that are based in Soria. And you will say, these guys have no experience. Well, no, we have been managing the social networks of Soria Ni Te La Imaginas voluntarily, as well as pages such as Cañon del Rio Lobos, Laguna Negra de Soria, Numancia, La aventura de Malta or Trabajar en Malta, until we have finally decided to do our job.

What will we offer in the future? We have ideas never seen before in Soria, and we will reveal them little by little. Thank you very much all our followers for your support and to all those who helped us make the leap, especially Alberto de la Diputación de Soria and Ana y Rocio, unconditional mother and sister.

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