Statement of the vultures of the Canon of the River Lobos

Hello again maj@s!

We introduce ourselves, we are the vultures of the famous Rio Lobos Canyon. Here we are all the panda gathered in the heat that makes these days. Don't you dare to come?
Amos you do not know what you miss!, with how brown we are this summer, also lately we are lazy to eat anyone. And look that we like the tender Madrileños and also that they are only 1 hour and a half from us. We also like Catalans, especially when they come with sausages. And the Aragonese, those if they are taking bread and wetting.
Guided stones
Guided stones
We do not forget the rest eh, Murcians, Andalusians, mayorquines, Extremadurans, Valencians, Castilla-La Mancha, Riojans, Basques, Cantabrians, Asturians, Galicians, Canarians, Navarrese, Ceuties and Melillenses and of course the Castilian-Leonese, those Castilian of pure strain are flavors of lamb and suckling pig, you are all very rich.

We do not forget the visitors from beyond.

Lately there are also many foreigners, or guiris as you like to call them. Look you're pejilleros. Those leave a taste.The Nordics with ember skin with white socks or the Italians with their spaghetti… Ains is silent that our mouths water.
Well, that, to come pa' here that is the sea of taste.
We are waiting for you in Cañon del Rio Lobos!
Signed "The Vultures" masters and lords of the Canyon
Many thanks to the mozalvete of Luis Fidel Mateo who has taken us very beautiful. If that follows him on his page Look that this zagal has an eye.

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