Welcome to Soria is fashionable!

Soria está de moda is a project created by three dreamers from Soria that began its journey on Facebook in 2015 to later expand its field of visibility by joining the networks of Twitter and Instagram.

Soria team is fashionable

It was born as a result of the need to publicize the province, so unknown by Spaniards and foreigners. Soria keeps many corners, monuments and natural spaces that we are sure will surprise you very pleasantly.

Therefore, we recommend you browse and investigate our website. Discover Soria in a simple way and with a vision of residents who day by day continue to find something new in this infinite province.

A participatory project

This project on Soria, is open to anyone who wants to participate and help us to publicize this wonderful corner of Castilla y León.So we have opened a space called "Soria, town to town" in which you can show your particular vision of the town in which you live or visit during your holidays.

To do this you just have to send us a text of at soriaestademoda@gmail.com least 300 words and a photo to accompany the blog.



1. We have selected the most corious places that most impacted us


2. Many villages have a medival air, but these are the most remarkable


3.Si you want to be able to say that you have seen Soria you have to see all these essential and recommended places in the capital


4. The best known may be the Lobos River Canyon, but we have several more that are also very worthwhile.


5. There are many artificial pools available in the province, but nothing like a natural one to relax in the middle of nature.


6. The most important thing is to know how to fill your stomach and enjoy it at the same time.


And this is just an appetizer… this website is in continuous improvements and continues to increase its content to give you the best of Soria. Welcome to the beginning of Soria is fashionable.