Soria, town by village: Cuevas de Ayllón

Cuevas de Ayllón is a small town, hamlet of Montejo de Tiermes, located in the southwest of the province of Soria. It is settled on a sandstone rock, at 1046 m altitude and on the left bank of the Pedro River, a tributary of the Douro.

It offers visitors an attractive environment full of rustic paths in the middle of nature, in which to enter and find a large amount of wildlife (roe deer, wild boar, foxes, vultures, etc.), as well as very different types of trees (oaks, oaks, poplars, poplars, walnut trees …) and a great variety of landscapes.

Along the route of the river there are pre-Roman remains such as the cave paintings of the place of El Hoyo or a fort located already in the adjoining term of Ligos, above the so-called Cueva de la Mora. Not surprisingly, about 14 kilometers away are the remains of the Celtiberian city of Termancia.

You are invited and we hope you like it and enjoy the visit to our small town!

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The Toba of Fuentetoba

It is a real jewel just 5km from Soria and that goes unnoticed by its ignorance, but the truth is that it is very easy to reach it and the show is assured if you visit it in the rainy season, we talk about the tuff of Fuentetoba.

Before you take a possible disappointment, tell you that it is not a waterfall that carries water all year round but from mid-autumn to spring it is more than likely that you will find it so beautiful.

Front view of the main waterfall of La Toba
Front view of the main waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is located in the new residential area of the town of Fuentetoba, at the foot of the famous Pico Frentes that indicates to the Sorianos the proximity to the capital. Google Maps has it well marked so we recommend that you guide yourself with it to get there. There is plenty of parking area and you only have to walk about 50 meters.

Investigate the environment a little before reaching it because there are corners like this in which to confirm how crystalline the water is.

Small waterfalls in the Toba
Small waterfalls

A wonder to visit in autumn, the picture is the most spectacular. It seems a magical place waiting for your visit with the best of its finery.

Stream through which the waters of the Toba cross
Stream through which the waters of the Toba cross

Enjoy nature, it is the best gift of life. It brightens the eye, relaxes the mind, improves breathing and most importantly, brings families and friends together.

The Toba of Fuentetoba
The Toba of Fuentetoba

If you want to discover more waterfalls in the province we leave you this link:

Soria Waterfalls

Caracena, jewel of Soria Romanesque

This time we are going to propose a small destination, but full of heritage and history. We are going to visit the beautiful village of Caracena. A humble village in the south of the province with many things to discover.

Castle of Caracena

The village of Caracena

It is located just over 40 kilometers from the site of our campsite. Caracena was already a populated area since Prehistory. It served as a base for later Celtiberian, Roman and Muslim settlements. Upon our arrival we will be surprised by the intense medieval aroma that the place collects.And it is that the paving of its streets and its magnificent baroque roll of justice will attract our attention.

Streets of Caracena
Through the streets of the village

In this same square, we will also find a peculiar fortified house very well preserved that was the prison centuries ago. If we climb a small hill, we will find the beautiful Romanesque church of San Pedro from the first half of the twelfth century.


Rural Houses el Paraiso
Rural Houses el Paraiso


Church of Caracena

The arcaded gallery of seven arches is another example of the tendency of the area to build in ancient times this type of architecture very typical of the southern half of Soria especially, as we can also see in numerous villages in the area of which the best known reference is San Esteban de Gormaz.

The castle

But let's not stop, just in front of this building we will see that there is a dirt road rather suitable for off-road vehicles, which will take us to its majestic castle located on the edge of an imposing canyon carved by the river that bears the same name as the town.

The wonders of the village
The wonders of the village

This imposing bastion that has a double masonry enclosure and numerous cubes, with an artificial moat, a zigzag access to make access to the enemy difficult and with a rectangular keep tower, was a very important enclave during the Reconquest and the subsequent battles within the kingdom of Castile.

Surroundings of Caracena

Once you have visited all the nooks and crannies of the fortress, you can complete your tour of the municipality, discovering another Romanesque church that is that of Santa María, the Cantos Bridge and the remains of the wall that still surround the town today. We also leave you some ideas to visit in the environment such as the Castle of Gormaz.

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